People and objectives

Society for the preservation of Steam engines

Founded at Nijkerk, The Netherlands, October 1995

The knowledge how to operate steam engines is disappearing rapidly. People that actually worked with steam are retired or deceased.

The younger generation that wants to preserve the heritage of steam will have to take care that this knowledge will be preserved in the first place. It’s also very important to establish a solid network of people and professional organisations that are prepared and capable to assist in the preservation of the steam heritage.

The Society for the Preservation of Steam Engines has made the preservation of knowledge about steam and steam engines to its main objective. For 10 years now, we organise a 4 days steam course, more than 150 people have attended so far.

We are only a small group of people, some 10 active members and 10 supporters. We have a very nice workshop fully equipped and we carry out restoration projects for third parties as well.

In summer time we rally our engines all over Europe, like Danmark, Germany, Belgium and England and of course The Netherlands.

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