Society for the Preservation of Steam Engines

Copy_of_kemna401.jpg (17684 bytes) We bought our Kemna EM type traction engine in July 2001 in Latvia. Unfortunately we had just started the restoration of the Ten Horn portable from the Open Air Museum. 

Eventually we could start the restoration on the 28th of September 2002 and  we got our Kemna out of her temporarily storage space


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The restoration
You can see the progress per year
T~000033.jpg (2602 bytes)  2002, she has arrived !!

 2003, taking the Kemna apart

 2004, making the new fire box

2005, cutting gears

2006, the boiler passed the hydraulic test

2007, work continues

2008, we will continue with the steam cylinder, piston rods etc.
  2009, this year we must be able to get the Kemna running on compressed air    
  2010, this year we hope to almost  finish the restoration  

2011, job done !