De restoration of the Kemna    (2011)

March 2011

All winter we have been working to improve a number of details. We were certainly not happy with the alingment of the gears. We got it perfect now  .Parkbrake, insulation of the steampipes etc.etc. We wanted to be ready by early Spring, so we could take the Kemna out for a ride. We have been out several times now and it looks all very good.

By the end of April we will finish the restoration with a little ceremony.

This image is from Saturday the 12th of March. Why are we moving backwards ? Just to see if the alingement of the gears are just as good when reversing. And keep in mind, a traction engine moves with the same speed, either forward or backwards. 





23rd of April 2011

This day we finished the restoration of the Kemna after a period of eight and a half year

Some 50 people where invited for the celebration. The chairman of the Society first off all payed tribute to all who gave us financial support and advise in all those years

Eventually, the door was opened and there she was.
Just sufficient pressure to move here out of the shed on this beautiful sunny afternoon.
Gert vd Hart, Jaap Mayoor, Jan Fray and Ron Noordenbos where asked to remove the cover and unveil her name.

All four of them are well in their eighties, but still active within our Society.

Plenty of time to take a closer look.
Details to be discussed. From now on her name will be: "DE MAJOOR"


Real scrap-art !


Willem Gijtenbeek, one of our volunteers, made a sculpture from old parts 

Images by Gert van de Veen, Nijkerk, The Netherlands
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