The restoration of the Kemna    (2010)

  March 2010

The year 2010 started very well. The initial approval procedure has been successfully completed.  All that is left is the last inspection with the engine under steam. We hope to be ready to call the inspector from Lloyd's again in May or perhaps June of this year.


The last job is to make all pipes for the feed water supply. We have got a mechanical pump and a steam injector. Originally the injector was on a different location, but we have now installed the injector as low as possible, so no water needs to be sucked. Let see if it works !

  If you want to paint the pipes for the mechanical pump in situ, you have to lay down in an awkward position.  
  A sound lubricator was hard to find, as we needed 3 feeds. One for the inlet steam and 2 for the pistons. This one seems to be fit for the job, we tested all three pumps up to 450 Psi.
Still we installed a simple steam heater inside the pump to make the cylinder oil thinner This could be very useful, certainly on a cold day.
  5th of May, first steaming !

On that day we raised steam for the first time. We soon goyt in trouble as the feed water pump refused to work properly. We stopped at 3 Bar.
The next week we made to 6 Bar and drove a little around




  This image is from a few weeks later. We had already driven the Kemna on the low loader without any problem.
The 15th of July was the most important day for us at that time, as the inspector from Lloyd's Register would come for the final test.

We had to raise steam 5 times, prior to his visit, but then we where satisfied.

In the presence of the inspector we raised the pressure to 12 Bar and at that moment the safety valves started to blow and although we kept a good fire the needle stayed where it was
Feed water supply was no problem either, no leakage anywhere, so the inspector was satisfied


  Play the footage next to the image to see the Kemna running    
  14th of September 2010

That morning the postman arrived with a big envelope. There was all the documentation and certification from Lloyd's we needed for the Kemna to become a genuine steam engine.

This was quite special as we have been working on the restoration for 8 years exactly. It is a steam engine now. Sure, we will work all winter to improve some details with the gears, belly tank etc., but next season we will be out with the Kemna and show it to the public.


Just some nice pictures (Foto's G. van Werven)



On our way with a threshing drum  (Foto Ilonka Budding

  Mini steam event 2010 at Steam Pumping Station "Hertog Reijnout"     If you would like so see the Kemna going along the dike in the old polder, just click on play.    
    December 2010 

We got a lathe from Damen Dredging Equipment in Nijkerk. It is a Tos with digital reading en 1800mm between the centres. We have already made good use of this powerful lathe !



    Although we made several successful steaming’s with the Kemna, we will spent all winter to improve several details that we are not satisfied about. One of the things is the missing park brake. All  parts where missing completely. We have made all the parts ourselves and kept it as original as possible.    
    The Kemna was made for the War theatre, but spent all his live in a civil environment (92 years by now !). We decided not the keep the war colours, however it is going to be sober. Some striping on the wheels, that will be all.  
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