De restoration of the de Kemna    (2007)

January 2007

Work continues. The amount of small parts that need to be cleaned, repaired and painted is amazing. Here is Jan Fray at work. He is one of four volunteers that is nearer his 80th birthday than his 70th. But they all keep on going and want to see the Kemna in action again

Les Singels in action with the drill. He is an excellent welder and he has done a lot of work over the years.
We often are using grease nipples, but keeping the original Staufers in place. Most grease nipples are hidden and cannot be seen unless one takes a very close look
These are the under covers of the main bearings from the rear axle.
Only the upper parts made of bronze are the real bearings. We have made new bottom lines in order to get a tight fit again. The grooves are filled with felt to keep the dirt out and the grease in


The 1st gear wheel is quite large. In order to keep originality we decided to cut holes in a circle line. This was done by a water cutter. At a pressure of 60.000 PSI a thin water jet with some very fine cutting powder added, will easily cut to 3 inches of steal 
The water cutter in more detail 
May 2007

We are making slow but steady progress. The backside has been mounted while at this image the left coal bin is being mounted.

From all shafts the key ways have been cut, so it will not take long before we will get them in place

2nd of June 2007

On this day we had invited everybody that gave us help and advise during the restoration so far. All gears are mounted as well as the fly wheel. The keys still have to be fitted, but that want take long.

The steam block is waiting too to be put back in place
To make sure that our guests would not miss the smell of steam we brought the portable under steam and kept her running on this beautiful afternoon.  
August 2007

Both cylinders as well as the admission cylinders have been machined to get then in perfect order again. To remove any debris left we have cleaned the block with a high pressure steam cleaner.

Before long we will remount the cylinder block on top of the barrel.


We have rallied or portable quite some times this year.
Here we are in action on the Nordhorn show in Germany driving a large threshing machine   
September 2007

Making the new keys to a perfect fit in the 2 old gears. There is not much option then using a sharp file. Still us took some 8 hours to get the job done ! 

November 2007

She is back on here wheels again and this time for good !. All gears and keys are in the right position.

We have made a 'shock absorber' in each chain for the steering. These where made new as the old one's were badly worn 
It takes 37 revolutions of the steering wheel to get from one side to the other. It does not  take much force, however fast steering still will demand a lot of man power !
All that is mounted on the rear axel must be kept well in place. Certainly the differential has a natural tendency to go apart.
We have a good feeling about this piece of heavy tube to do just that .


For almost 3 years our traction engine was no more then a boiler. Now that we put it all together again we are still amazed about the size of this engine. Standing next to the steering wheel you realize the very limited sight you have on the front wheels 
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