De restoration of the de Kemna    (2006)

8th of March 2006

After 2 years of work, the boiler passed the hydraulic test with flying colors !

She was tested at 250 PSI (18 Bar) and had to hold that pressure for 20 minutes. 


April 2006

The super heaters


That is what you get if all 8 super heaters are in place, occupying 16 fire tubes. It looks more like an enigma. Each super heater is equipped with 4 spacers to keep the tubes in the middle of the fire tubes. For long, Kemna did  hold a patent on this system, preventing others to make super heaters in this way.
Juli 2006

Our portable in action on the steam event of the ZLSM at Simpelveld

We are now able to transport our engines ourselves.
This is the  DAF95 / 380 and the Nooteboom low loader, with on this image the portable loaded, as well as the Nuffield tractor. 


September 2006

The rear axle is in its place. We will now fit the differential gears and on the other side the winding drum. It takes a lot of time to make the new parts to fit on the old engine

In the mean time we continue to restore other parts like the coal bunkers and the belly tank.
Soon all these parts will be sand blasted and spayed.
November 2006

The crankshaft in mounted again. The 4 part bronze bearings do fit very well. We made the bearings ourselves 

The spring loaded front shaft goes back to its place. The full weight of the engine was just sufficient to get the retaining bolt on its place 
The stub was originally cone shaped, but badly worn out. We changed the construction somewhat, so we could use 2 bronze bearings instead. The Stauffer greaser will be mounted for originality , but the grease will be applied by two small grease nipples 
December 2006

De rear suspension is mounted. Two heavy springs will give a maximum movement of two inches.

The suspension, differential and rear wheels are all in their respective positions.

The fate of the the restoration team is that it all will have to be dismantled again, as this exercise is only to get the correct lining of the second shaft and to check the pitch between  pinion and differential wheel.

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