The restoration of the Kemna    (2005)

January 2005

We normally work on Wednesday evening with 6 to 8 people on the restoration. Some die-hards work on other evenings as well.
This image shows us busy with cutting new tread in the outer and inner plates of the firebox .We made the taps ourselves from High Speed steal,  type 1.3343. After a careful heat treatment the taps cut very well.
Watch the flacon with a simple detergent that we use as cutting medium. instead of oil.



3rd of March 2005

On the 2nd of March we got a message from Lloyds Register that the design of the boiler has been approved as in compliance with the regulations for pressure vessels

It means that we can start to finish the work on the boiler and have it pressure tested at 18 Bar.

Once she has been steamed and the safety valve is tested we will get a final approval 

We hope to have this finished around the 1st of July 2005

28th of April 2005

The gears have arrived from Germany.
Gereard Leeraar, who owns a roller himself, has carried out the work at WBW at Castrop-Rauxel in Germany, where he is employed

It is all very well engineered and made to an outstanding quality.
The Kemna has 2 gears, the second one being a dog-clutch.

A detailed image of the gears.

Gerard Leeraar has now carried out work for several different engine owners. If you would like to get in touch with him, he can be phoned on 00 49 236364448

25th of May 2005

The first stays are mounted !. ROKEM BV made the first 36 stays for us, the other 68 will follow

This is the blank of one of the satellite wheels of the differential. Sanders in Goor will cut the teeth soon, so the differential can be reassembled.


Summer 2005

We have now a Nuffield 10/60 from 1965 to move the portable around. Much bigger and stronger then the Deutz we had before 


Not much progress was made during the summer time on the restoration. Mainly  because we took part in many events with our portable. This image was taken in August at a harvest event where we were lined up with a big threshing machine and a bailer.

We now will continue with the work on the Kemna 



All 102 stays are now in place, made by ROKEM on their numerical controlled latches .
This broken support was fabricated from scratch by one of our volunteers. A real piece of craftsmanship !  
October 2005

The next few images will give an impression of the casting of a new differential wheel at Sanders in Enschede .

Polystyrene is used as a one time mold. 
The coating will prevent the sand from sticking onto the metal 
It is hot !


Pouring the melted metal into the form
The process of cooling down is ready to start
After 24 hours the form in opened up and the sand removed.
What is left is the raw model of the new planetary wheel.


3, 4 and 5 November 

In a well planned 3 days operation all the stays were cold riveted with a riveting hammer driven by compressed air

Paul and Rik at work on the Friday morning. The noise is unbearable so the use of ear protectors is a must !. 
It is very hard work, as the hammer is beating with force and needs to by hold in a firm grip all the time.
A 35 kg shaft was used as a counter weight to give the strokes more impact. With a piece of wood we even fabricated a lever dolly !

Boiler maker Bicknell told us before we started the job:

"A boiler maker needs to be strong in the arms and weak in the head"


Job done at Saturday the 5th of November at 16:15 Hours.
The cup dies would brake occasionally.
We probably made them too hard.
Hardening a cup tool. We used high speed steel 1.3343 
The massage is clear if you are hardening high speed steel as a pure amateur

Keep some spares ready !  

24th of November 2005

Rolling in the fire tubes  


We used an electrical driven motor. At a pre-set force the motor will automatically start to reverse. This ensures that all pipes are rolled with the same force. 
The tube expander is brought into place
8th of December 2005

Out again after three years ! A provisional shaft from a mud spreader is used at the back end.

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