The restoration of the Kemna    (2004)

January 2004

The  front of the fire box is out !. The holes for the fire tubes can clearly be seen. Keep in mind that the front is hanging upside down, as the boiler is standing upside down as well. 


A look inside the boiler with the fire box removed. The foundation ring can be seen as well as the studs from the stays. We have to remove them all. As they are screwed in, we hope to be able, after some heating,  to screw them out.

A remarkable thing to discover was that the last row of stays, with the boiler in normal position the top row, only consists of two riveted heads, without the stay in between. Only the original boiler makers might have  known the reason, but they have long passed away !

This construction certainly did not contributed in any way to the strength of the boiler!

20 January 2004

The inner fire-box in five parts. All the square holes were made with the torch in order to reach the stays.


4th of February 2004

A look inside the boiler, with the inner firebox removed and the boiler laying on her right side. From the 15 crown stays, 14 have been removed, not without great trouble ! The fourth one on the top row is still there

Job done !

We will now sandblast the boiler, give her a first coating and she is ready for transport

On the 5th of March we hope to deliver the boiler at the yard of Mr Bicknell at Bramshott in Engeland.. He will make us a new riveted fire box.

5th of March 2004

The boiler is sand blasted en coated. This image was made on the parking place of the hotel where we stayed the night and we are preparing for the last miles to Bicknell in Bramshott

The boiler was lifted from the trailer with the big crane. We hope to reload the boiler by the 1st of July, with the new fire box in place


The stone crusher

It is with proud that we show our recently acquired stone crusher, on this image in action on Dordt in Stoom at the 15th of May 2004. It is a Krupp, build in 1936. She still does an excellent job.

For the last 2 months, we have been very busy to move to a new location. The work on the Kemna as far as bearings and gears are concerned, still goes on however.

19 the of July 2004

The work on the main bearings goes on. This is a piece of bronze in the lathe of Nico Strik for making the second crankshaft bearing. The bearing comes in 4 pieces that can only be made after reassembling the 4 parts by soldering. Once cut to the exact measurements, the bearing is heated again and will drop in 4 pieces   

The first crankshaft bearing. If fits perfectly, but is still in one piece. Heating will allow it to fall apart in the required 4 pieces.


July 2004

Still working on the main bearings. The second bearing is ready to be cut in 4 pieces. After soldering the pieces together the final cutting to the correct measurement can be made

The boiler is back !

In the weekend of the 14th of August a trip was made to England to collect the boiler. This image shows the loading of the boiler on the yard of Bicknell. The journey went very well, even the customs where friendly !

The new, riveted fire box, made by boilermaker Bicknell at Bramshott in England. The work looks very well, but it is only the pressure test that will show the real quality. That will take some time, as we first have to put in the 102 stays.
30th of September 2004

WBW in Castorp-Rauxel in Germany will make some new gears and fit the fly wheel on the cranckshaft. WBW can handle almost any job in engineering.

Gerard Leeraar, their chief engineer owns a steam roller so he knows what it is all about 

A new casting had to be made for the bearing of the second shaft. A model has been made from polystyrene. It is a reel masterpiece !
Such model is for one time use only, but will do the job on this occasion.
We do carry on with the work on the boiler. 20mm holes are being drilled for the stays in the new fire box. A simple detergent is used for cutting and cooling. Oil can not be used in a place that eventually has to be water and steam tight.
30th of November 2004

After drilling 80 holes, it went completely wrong. The drill disintegrated. We ordered a new one (+ 40 Pound !) to finish the remaining  22 holes. All holes have now been drilled.

  Whilst working on the boiler, we also carry on with other parts. The support for the front axle has been cleaned and painted.
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