The restoration of the Kemna (autumn 2002)

Aankomst Nijkerk 01.JPG (23922 bytes) September 2002

How long can one wait ? But, the low-loader is on its way and will arrive soon. We will use our Deutz PS30 from 1955 to maneuver the engine into the shed.


Kemna 22.JPG (25771 bytes) She had arrived and is standing in the shed where we will carry out the restoration. Built in 1918, but after a hard life still complete and restorable
Detail Kemna 052.JPG (20863 bytes) A look inside the boiler. It does not look bad, but we will only know the condition of the boiler after we have stripped the engine down. The fire-tubes will be replaced
Detail Kemna 053.JPG (25934 bytes) It is a colonial style engine and we will start to strip her starting from the backside
Detail Kemna 120.JPG (26869 bytes) The back end is fully removed. The spring of the suspension system can clearly be seen, but where do we find the spanner that will fit the retaining bolt ? (73 mm) 
Kemna 24.JPG (24368 bytes) The belly tank is almost removed, the wood to support the boiler when we start removing the wheels, is awaiting.
Img_0710.jpg (30225 bytes) 16 October 2002

We found the spanner !

zwaarwiel.jpg (17665 bytes) So nice that these wheels seldom get a puncture !
Img_0734.jpg (24416 bytes) 23rd of October 2002

The wheels have been successfully removed. Some repair is needed on the rear axle and bearings

Img_0714.jpg (24248 bytes) 30 October 2002

The differential, with only two satellites

Img_0731.jpg (26513 bytes) The rear axle is now ready to be removed. On the left you can still see the winch

Detail Kemna 254.JPG (23078 bytes)

The connection between second shaft and rear axle. The rear axle only has a half bearing. On the bottom is a felt covered piece that will take care of the lubrication
Detail Kemna 250.JPG (32743 bytes) Two grooves are filed in the bearing parts of the connection between the slider and spring. A locking bolt just fits into the grooves.
vliegwiel.jpg (25757 bytes) 4th of December 2002


The flywheel took 8 hours to be removed ! We got this little lifting device from a local company, for which we are very grateful

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