Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

It certainly was an honour to be invited to the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

As it was 100 years ago that the First World War started and our engine was made to act in this War, there was some logic to it.

We had a bad start. Arriving on Monday afternoon the 25th of August, the show ground was in a terrible state. It had just stopped raining after 15 hours of rain. We got stuck in the mud, like everybody else and only on Wednesday, a heavy agricultural tractor got us out


There was a special WW1 display set up. There are not so many vehicles left from that period, but a nice display was collected. In the tent there was a marvellous collection of photographs and artefacts from this terrible period. 
Our traction engine, built in 1916 for the German Army fitted very well in the display

We had to cover about have a mile between the parking space of our low loader and the WW1 display.
This was quite a journey ! A big tractor in front and with the help of our own steam power we made it at last.
Our engine was covered in mud and it took a while to get her presentable to some extend.

  Best remark heard: " We got the mud, but not the bullets"

This was a big challenge for the organisation indeed. Everything had to be towed with the help of a tractor.
But there was this joyful atmosphere from working together and getting the show going.
All credits for the many volunteers and marshals, and humour was always present !


  There was a very nice place to visit with a display of the trenches that had such terrible impact during WW1


  It got better as the week progressed and on Friday in the afternoon we had a first run in the main ring.
On Saturday we where allowed to get up the hill and that is something you want to do when you visit Dorset with your engine.

We got a lot of attention for our engine. They could see that is was different from an English engine and that is the time to have some nice conversation.

Our low loader was an attraction in his own right. It is a Nooteboom, that can fold its rear wheels to the side, in order for the ramp to pass between the wheels. Whenever we near our low loader (with accommodation) people would start to ask for details. Remark most heard: "Never seen this before"



  Such a joy to live in a world with peace where a German traction engine is allowed to tow a British gun.

For us, it was a wonderful experience. Besides getting stuck in the mud, we did not encounter any problem and had a good journey to the show and back home again.

Who knows, we might be back in 2018 to commemorate the end of the First World War.


Ga verder met 2006