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Our Ransomes Sims and Jeffries portable

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The portable was ordered by the Utrecht Road Construction Company at Ransomes in Ipswich, England in 1939 but because of World War II could not be delivered before 1948. The portable with factory number 684021 has  driven a mobile tarmac mixer until 1964, similar to her sister engine. Eventually both portables were donated to the Museum of Road Construction at Ede. The museum restored the portable with works number 684020. We started the restoration of our portable in 1995 

The 52 fire tubes were replaced with the invaluable help of "Standard Fasel" in Utrecht. Apart from that, lots of new accessories had to be made. The portable was sandblasted and painted into the original colors. The final inspection by the Boiler Inspectorate took place in 1998 and the portable got an inspection certificate again

The five volunteers spent over 1800 hours to the restoration of the portable.

Saturday April 11th, 1998 with a little ceremony the portable was baptized "De Meent". 

Recently a low loader was built to transport the portable to various events.

Technical data:

Brand Ransomes Sims and Jeffries
Name "De Meent"
Worksnumber 684021
Built in 1948
Heated Surface 23 m2
Bore 26,5 cm
Stroke 35.5 cm
Working pressure 10 bar
Power 85 Bhp
Weight 10.000 kg
Steam distribution Boschslide
Security 2x spring loaded
Flywheel leftside 180 cm
Flywheel rigthside 140 cm
Max. RPM 250

A remarkable fact is that the engine was built by order of Ransomes by Robey in Lincoln after specifications of Ruston and Hornsby. That's why the template of R&H appears at the cover of the slide-box!

The objective of the Society is to maintain knowledge in the area of steam engines and to demonstrate steam engines to the public. At appropriate occasions we bring the portable under steam to show it working to the public. Meanwhile a stone breaker has been bought that can be driven by the portable.

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 "De Meent"
thanks to photographer Gert van de Veen
+31 (0)33 - 2456761


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February 1996

The portable was virtually complete although it lacked a mud hole cover, the steam whistle and both water gauges. This picture was taken just before we started the restoration. Eventually the fire tubes were replaced. 

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January 1998

Outdoors again !
After two years of labour the moment is there. Everything is where it belongs again, the boiler has been pressure-tested at 12 Bar. The lagging is still missing but steam can be made again.

loco3.jpg (63287 bytes)

Preparations for the first steam attempt.

Of course, here and there something is still leaking but an hour after this picture was taken "De Meent" ran at her own steam again, 34 year after it was taken down. Soon after it we got an inspection certificate again and the restoration ended successfully.

fullyloaded.jpg (55073 bytes)

The Low Loader

Almost the entire year of 1999 was spent working on the low loader. This low loader is pulled by a farmers tractor which gives us a reach of about 50 km around Nijkerk. Henk van der Wal from Jubbega takes care of the transport for events further away.

The Society for Preservation of Steam Engines wants to thank the next persons, companies and institutions for their contribution to the restoration. 

Foundation for Preservation of Road Construction Engines (Stichting tot Behoud van Wegenbouw machines),  Harderwijk
Boiler-builder Standard Fasel (Ketelbouwer Standard Fasel), Utrecht
Van Rootselaar Tankbuilders (Van Rootselaar Tankbouw), Nijkerk
Foundation Steam Pumping Station "Hertog Reijnout" (Stichting Stoomgemaal "Hertog Reijnout"), Nijkerk
Society Friends of the Steam Pumping Station "Hertog Reijnout" (Vereniging Vrienden van het Stoomgemaal "Hertog Reijnout")
Driessen Appendages, Milligingen aan de Rijn
Friesland-Coberco loc. Nijkerk
Mr. Henk Dokter, Hoogland

The restoration in a birds eye view